The IT industry is chock full of its own lingo. Below are definitions for some of the most of the common words 和 terms in today's technology vocabulary.

定义 快速的描述 我们提供什么
什么是 访问控制列表? An access 控制 list is a list of permission rights used to assign roles 和 responsibilities. 思科ASA的网络洞察力 监控
是什么 活动目录? 活动目录 is an important part of IT infrastructure. It can be used to manage devices, users, domains, 和 objects within a 网络. 活动目录的监控
是什么 先进的持续威胁? Advanced persistent threat (APT) is a planned, stealthy cyberattack that allows attackers to penetrate a company's 网络 和 stay inside for a prolonged duration to exfiltrate valuable 信息. 高级持久软件 威胁防御
是什么 APM? 应用程序 性能 monitoring (APM) is a continuous process of monitoring the availability of 关键任务应用程序. 应用程序的性能 监控软件
什么是带宽消耗? B和width consumption happens when a node connects to 和 exchanges 信息 over a 网络. 网络带宽监控
是什么 云计算? Cloud computing allows companies to rent software, data storage, 和 other IT resources instead of 管理内部. 政府云计算 解决方案
是什么 Computer 和 服务器 Operating Systems? An operating system (OS) facilitates the interaction between a user 和 the computer hardware components while offering an environment to manage 和 控制 the execution of software 应用程序. 服务器应用程序 监控
是什么 计算机硬件? Hardware refers to the external 和 internal devices 和 equipment that enable you to perform major functions such as input, output, storage, communication, processing, 和更多的. 硬件监控软件
是什么 容器技术? A container is a lightweight package that includes code 和 dependencies together. 集装箱监测
是什么 网络安全? 网络安全 refers to the practice of protecting 网络s, hardware, software, data, 和 confidential 信息 from cyberthreats such as unauthorized access, theft, damage, or other malicious digital attacks by employing a comprehensive set of technologies 和 best practices. 政府网络安全 解决方案
是什么 网络情报? Cyberthreat 情报 provides critical knowledge about existing 和 evolving cyber threats 和 威胁的演员. 威胁情报工具 安全
是什么 数据存储管理? IT storage management, also called data storage management, involves tracking 和 streamlining the central component of big data that collects 和 retains digital 信息 using computers 和 其他设备. 企业存储管理 软件
什么是 数据库? A database is a collection of business-critical data organized to ensure the relevant 信息 is 易于访问和管理. 数据库性能 分析仪
是什么 数据库监控? 数据库 monitoring offers the ability to gather essential database 性能 metrics to help optimize 和 tune database processes for high 性能. 数据库性能分析仪 工具
什么是 数据库模式? A database schema refers to the logical 和 visual configuration of the entire relational database. 数据库性能 分析仪
是什么 数据库软件? 数据库 software helps streamline database management by ensuring seamless data storage, monitoring, backup, recovery, 和 报告. 数据库管理 解决方案
是什么 DHCP? DHCP intelligently manages IP地址 allotment 和 renewal 活动 in a 网络. DHCP监控范围
什么是 域控制器? A domain 控制ler is a server computer that authenticates 和 validates user access on a 网络. 域控制器的监控 工具
是什么 电子邮件欺骗? Email spoofing is a cyberattack that tricks users by sending malicious emails from forged users or 信任的账户. 商业电邮入侵 (BEC)保护
什么是 企业网络? Enterprise 网络 refers to the physical, virtual, or logical connectivity of the organization’s users, devices, systems, 和 应用程序. 综合自动化管理 企业规模解决方案
什么是文件完整性? File integrity is a security mechanism that 分析s critical system files to check unauthorized modifications 和 cyberattacks. File Integrity 监控软件
FTP是什么 服务器? File transfer protocol server (commonly known as FTP 服务器) is computer software that facilitates the secure exchange of files over a TCP/IP 网络. FTP服务器软件
是什么 帮助台软件? Help desk software helps streamline 和 simplify processes to save time 和 improve efficiency for troubleshooting end-user requests. IT帮助台软件
IIS是什么 应用程序池? IIS 应用程序池 is a logical collection of websites or 应用程序 served by one or multiple worker processes with the same configuration. 服务器 & 应用程序 监控工具
IIS是什么 服务器? Internet Information Services, also known as IIS, is a Microsoft web server that runs on Windows operating system 和 is used to exchange static 和 dynamic web content with internet users. IIS服务器性能 监控
什么是 内部威胁? An insider threat is a user with authorized access to sensitive company assets or data who may misuse their access rights to compromise the organization's security. 内部威胁检测和 管理
是什么 物联网? Internet of things (物联网) refers to the 网络 of smart devices embedded with sensors, software, or any other technology to exchange data over the internet. 物联网网络管理
是什么 IPv6? IPv6 is the revised version of the Internet protocol designed to overcome the IPv4 limitations 和 解决疲劳问题. IPv6支持
什么是 它的资产? IT assets are the integral components of the organization's IT environment used for storage, management, 控制, display, data transmission, 和更多的. 它资产管理
什么是 这一事件? IT incident refers to an unexpected event that disrupts business operational processes or reduces 服务的质量. 事件管理软件
它是什么 风险管理? IT risk management involves procedures, policies, 和 tools to identify 和 assess potential threats 和 vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure. 网络安全风险管理 工具
什么是 万博体育 (ITSM) Platform? ITSM service portal brings end-user queries from multiple sources into a single interface or shared repository allowing support agents to collaborate 和 resolve them effectively. ITSM的解决方案
是什么 ITIL? ITIL is a set of best practice guidelines focused on aligning the delivery of IT services with 业务目标. ITIL的软件
是什么 ITSM? IT 服务管理 (ITSM) is the set of processes 和 活动 involved in planning, designing, delivering, managing, 和 maintaining IT services. ITSM - 万博体育 软件解决方案
什么是 知识库? Knowledge base refers to the documentation that can include FAQs, how-to guides, video demonstration guides 和 troubleshooting instructions to help users find solutions to their queries. 知识库软件
什么是日志 管理? Log management is a continuous process of centrally collecting, parsing, storing, analyzing, 和 disposing of data to provide actionable insights for supporting troubleshooting, 性能 enhancement, or security monitoring. 服务器日志管理
是什么 MySQL数据库? MySQL is a popular 开源 enterprise database solution that relies on the relational data model for data storage 和 management operations. MySQL的解决方案
是什么 网络访问控制? Network access 控制 (NAC) can be defined as the set of rules, protocols, 和 processes that govern access to 网络-connected resources such as 网络 routers, conventional PCs, 物联网 devices, 和更多的. 访问权限管理器
是什么 网络管理? Network administration aims to manage, monitor, maintain, secure, 和 service an 组织的网络. 网络解决方案
是什么 网络自动化? Network automation is the process of automating the management aspect of a 网络’s physical 和 virtual devices using software to maximize efficiency. 网络自动化管理器
是什么 网络带宽? Network b和width is the maximum possible amount of data transfer between two points of a 网络 in 一个特定的时间. 网络带宽分析仪
是什么 网络容量? Network capacity quantifies the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted over a 网络 from 从一点到另一点. 网络性能监控
是什么 网络配置? Network configuration refers to the organization, governance, 和 maintenance of a 网络 with the right set of 控制s 和 policies. 网络配置 经理
是什么 网络设备识别? Network device identification, also known as device 发现, is the process of finding 网络 equipment 和 gathering detailed 信息 about them, such as device status, response time, 和 IP地址. 网络设备发现 工具
是什么 网络设备? Network devices facilitate data transmission 和 manage digital connections on a computer 网络. 网络设备管理器
是什么 网络停机时间? Network downtime is a specific period for which the 网络 is inaccessible. 这可能是由于 multiple reasons such as an outage, failure of equipment, 和 ongoing maintenance or upgrade 活动. 网络可用性监控 工具
是什么 网络基础设施? Network infrastructure is a set of software 和 hardware components that help build, run, 和 维护资讯科技网络. 网络基础设施 监控
什么是 网络节点? A 网络 node can be defined as the connection point among 网络 devices such as routers, printers, or switches that can receive 和 send data from one endpoint to the other. 网络性能监控
是什么 网络性能指标? Network metrics are qualitative 和 quantitative ways to observe 和 determine 网络 behavior. 网络监控软件
是什么 网络协议? Network protocols are a set of rules outlining how connected devices communicate across a 网络 to exchange 信息 easily 和 safely. 网络协议分析器
是什么 网络故障排除? Network troubleshooting is the process of measuring, identifying, 和 resolving 网络-related 问题. It’s also defined as a logical process 网络 engineers follow to improve the overall 网络运营. 网络故障排除 工具
什么是 NoSQL数据库? NoSQL databases store 和 retrieve 信息 in a non-tabular format unlike relational databases. NoSQL数据库监控 工具
是什么 可观察性? 可观察性 is the measurement of a system's internal state determined from its external outputs. 可观测性平台
什么是 Oracle数据库? An Oracle database is a fully configurable 和 scalable enterprise database solution that uses a relational model for 信息 management. 数据库性能分析仪 对甲骨文
是什么 OSI层? OSI layers enable st和ardized, reliable communication between two or more 网络 devices. 自动化网络图形 工具
是什么 数据包捕获(PCAP)? Packet capture is a 网络ing practice involving the interception of data packets travelling over a 网络. 网络抓包工具
是什么 包丢失? Packet loss occurs when a 网络 packet fails to reach its expected destination, resulting in 信息丢失. 包丢失监控
什么是网络中的QoS? A collection of technologies that help efficiently manage 网络 traffic by setting priorities for critical resource-intensive 应用程序 with在网络. 通过QoS增强用户体验 报告
是什么 真实用户监控(RUM)? Real user monitoring (RUM), also known as end-user experience monitoring, provides visibility into real-time problems affecting the experience users have while navigating your website. 真实用户监控工具
是什么 远程访问? 远程 access is built to help connect 和 gain access to internal 网络 resources, such as IT services, data, 和 应用程序, from any location. 远程访问工具
是什么 远程桌面协议? 远程桌面协议 (RDP) enables users to remotely access 和 控制 physical 和 virtual 运行在Windows上的设备. 远程 桌面安全协议
是什么 反向代理? A reverse proxy facilitates seamless communication in a client-server architecture with intelligent traffic routing, filtering, 和 distribution. 文件传输安全
是什么 基于角色的访问控制(RBAC)? 角色-based access 控制 (RBAC) is a method of protecting sensitive data from improper modification, addition, or deletion. 基于角色的访问控制(RBAC) 软件
是什么 SD-WAN? SD-WAN is a software-based 网络 technology that offers a modern, flexible, 和更多的 effective way 管理广域网. 软件定义网络 解决方案
是什么 服务器基础设施? 服务器 infrastructure consists of physical 和 virtual resources, along with hardware, software, 网络 resources, to support the management of servers in an IT environment. IT基础设施解决方案
什么是 服务水平协议(SLA)? A 服务水平协议(SLA) is a documented agreement between the client 和 the service provider regarding the specific 和 measurable aspects of service offerings, including quality, 责任,和可用性. IP SLA监控和 管理
是什么 SharePoint的权限? SharePoint permissions are access 控制s that allow you to restrict user rights to ensure SharePoint assets are safe 和 protected. 自动化SharePoint权限 管理
是什么 SIEM? 安全信息 和 Event 管理 (SIEM) consolidates 安全信息 管理 (SIM) for real-time aggregation 和 analysis of log data 和 安全 Event 管理 (SEM). SIEM工具
是什么 SNMP? SNMP is a 网络ing protocol used to monitor 网络 devices. SNMP监控
什么是 SNMP陷阱? SNMP traps are unrequested notifications an SNMP agent of a managed device sends to an SNMP manager 在网络. SNMP陷阱接收器 监控
是什么 SNMP走? SNMP walk is an SNMP application that uses SNMP GETNEXT requests to collect SNMP data from 网络 和基础设施 SNMP-enabled devices, such as switches 和 routers. MIB走路的工具
是什么 软件定义网络(SDN)? SDN is a 网络 management approach that helps improve internal communications 和 overall 网络 性能. 软件定义网络 解决方案
什么是 SQL数据库? SQL database or relational database is a collection of highly structured tables, wherein each row reflects a data entity, 和 every column defines a specific 信息 field. SQL数据库监控
是什么 SQL 服务器集成服务? SQL 服务器集成服务 (SSIS) is a Microsoft SQL server database built to be a fast 和 flexible data warehousing tool to perform high-性能 数据集成s. SQL哨兵数据库 性能监控工具
子网划分: 什么是子网? 它是如何工作的 Subnetting is the process of logically dividing an IP 网络 into more sub网络s. IP子网计算器
是什么 综合监测? Synthetic monitoring, also known as active monitoring, runs automated scripts that simulate the real user actions or behavior to identify 和 fix the website availability, 性能, 和 functionality 问题 before end users notice them. 综合监测 - Transaction & 网站测试工具
是什么 Syslog? System Logging Protocol facilitates the transfer of 信息 from 网络 devices to a central server, known as syslog server, in a particular message format. Syslog监控与管理 软件
是什么 正常运行时间? 正常运行时间 is a metric used to measure the availability of a website or business application. Pingdom -正常运行时间,网站, & 性能监控
什么是 虚拟机? A virtual machine is an emulation of a computer system that shares the resources of its host server. 虚拟化管理器
是什么 虚拟化? 虚拟化 technology creates simulated environments based on physical systems to enable optimal 灵活的资源利用. 虚拟化管理器
是什么 VLAN? A virtual local area 网络 (VLAN) is a virtualized connection that connects multiple devices 和 网络 nodes from different LANs into one logical 网络. VLAN配置
什么是 漏洞评估? Vulnerability investigation or assessment is a systematic approach to identify the security loopholes or weak points in your IT infrastructure 和 taking active measures to resolve them 很快. 漏洞检测
什么是 Web服务器? A web server is a computer system capable of delivering web content to end users over the internet 通过网络浏览器. Web服务器性能 监控工具
是什么 网站监控? Website monitoring is a comprehensive approach to monitor a website or web service by tracking critical 性能 indicators to ensure consistent availability 和 seamless user experience. 网站监控软件
是什么 Windows事件日志? The Windows event log records specific events related to the system, security, 和 应用程序 on a 微软系统. 高效的日志管理 猕猴桃Syslog服务器
是什么 威诺娜州立大学? 威诺娜州立大学 is also known as Windows 服务器 Update Services, 和 its first version is called 服务器 Update 服务(SUS). It helps distribute updates, fixes, 和 other types of releases available from 微软更新. Microsoft 威诺娜州立大学补丁管理 软件
是什么 零信任安全? Zero Trust requires organizations not to trust anyone 和 instead authenticate 和 authorize every access request to their 应用程序 和 data. Building a Zero-Trust Model With 万博体育 安全 工具